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The following projects are urgently needed to help create jobs in the area and to improve the living conditions of residents of Taybeh.  

  • Water Storage Tank to benefit entire Taybeh village.

  • Change and upgrade main water line coming into Taybeh for better quality water.  Expand water line to new developing residential neighborhoods in the village.

  • Modern & upgraded post office benefiting Taybeh and surrounding villages.

  • Multi purpose function hall serving as a Youth Center meeting the needs of youth, education & cultural needs.

  • Sewage System.

  • Sports Center and Soccer Field having indoor basketball and outdoor football.

  • Infrastructure for industrial zone and agricultural zone including roads, electricity, and water. 

  • Public Works building.  

  • Vehicles needed by municipality:  Trash truck, industrial drivable street sweeper, funeral car, bulldozer, bobcat, electric pole lift, fire truck and pick up truck for the municipality workers.

  • Major renovation of the old city of Taybeh with over fifty abandoned homes.

  • Maintain & pave village roads.  Opening new roads for developing residential areas.

  • Solid Waste Management Project to protect the environment, water, air, soil and and general health of Taybeh residents.  


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