Parishioner Duties



ARTICLE 18, Section 1, P.33

A parishioner in good standing:

  1. is baptized and chrismated according to the rites of the Orthodox Church.
  2. practices all the religious and moral duties as described below.
  3. is eighteen years of age or over.
  4. is current in his or her stewardship and other financial obligations
  5. to the Parish.
  6. abides by all Archdiocese regulations and Parish Bylaws.
  7. cooperates in every way towards the welfare and well being of the Parish.
  8. Stewardship is recommended to be ten percent (10%) of one’s annual income as stated in Holy Scripture to help meet the financial obligations of the Parish, the Metropolis and the Archdiocese.

The religious, moral & social duties of a parishioner:

  1. to apply the tenets of the Orthodox faith to his or her life; adhere and live according to them.
  2. to seek personal spiritual growth,
  3. to faithfully attend the Divine Liturgy and other worship services.
  4. to participate regularly in the holy sacraments.
  5. to respect all ecclesiastical authority and all governing bodies of the Church,
  6. to be obedient in matters of faith and ecclesiastical order.
  7. to contribute towards the progress of the Church’s sacred mission.
  8. to be an effective witness and example of the Orthodox Faith and Traditions to all people.