Cemetery Plots

Roselawn Cemetery Lots

St. George Greek Orthodox Church has a significant number of plots available at Roselawn Cemetery in Roseville where parishioners can establish a family legacy. These lots at Roselawn are called the St. George Section but also referred to as the “Greek Section” or the “Greek Orthodox Section."

There are monument and flat lots available for purchase by parishioners at a 15% discount off the Roselawn list price. The proceeds from these lots will benefit all parishioners through new and expanded church programs.

  • Lots at the discounted price will be sold only to members in good standing of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. However, a non-member, who is helping arrange a burial of a member in good standing, may purchase a lot.
  • The discounted prices for the year 2021 are:
    • Monument Lot (2 graves) $6,460
    • Flat Lot A (2 graves) $4,246
    • Flat Lot B (1 grave) $2,508 (Single graves have limited availability)
  •  Lots must be paid in full at the time of purchase. A site map of available lots is available in the church office.
  • If you are interested in learning more or are prepared to purchase a lot, please contact the Church office (info@stgeorgegoc.org, 651-222-6220).

Another resource for more information is the Roselawn Cemetery's web site. It has a great deal of information including a record search for those looking for the burial sites of loved ones. The church's section is located on the southwest corner of the Cemetery, section B, subsections G1, G2 and G3. www.roselawncemetery.com

The table-like monument marking our area from Victoria street is visible on Google Maps View and Google Maps Satellite View .