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Catechism Course

WINTER 2023 MONDAYS 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
January 23 Introduction
January 30 God - Holy Trinity
February 06 Mankind - Creation, the Fall, Messiah
February 13 Christ I - Incarnation, Theotokos, Saints
February 20 Christ II - His Work & Teachings
March 06 Church I - Birth, Mission, Structure
March 13 Church II - Tradition, Bible, Creeds, Councils
March 20 Sacraments I - Baptism, Chrismation, Confession
March 27 Sacraments II - Eucharist, Unction (Liturgy, Worship, Prayer)        
April 03 Sacraments III - Marriage, Ordination (& Monasticism)
April 24 The Goal - Second Coming & Living the Christian Life
May 01 Orthodoxy in America, Jurisdictions, Missions


Click Here to Register: https://forms.gle/sVcXqVVenSgfVySa8

Printable Registration Form: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cfob12xvb5m4p7v/2023%20Winter%20Catechism%20Registration%20Form.pdf?dl=0

Please return the printable form to Attn: Fr. Perry, St. George GOC, 1111 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105 or email it as an attachment to info@stgeorgegoc.org.

Suggested Books: Introducing the Orthodox Church by Fr. Anthony Coniaris; The Orthodox Church by Bishop Kallistos Ware; The Orthodox Way by Bishop Kallistos Ware; Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Finding the Way to Christ in a Complicated Religious Landscape by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

Registration: Free

Location: St. George GOC (1111 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105) or online via Zoom. Links will be emailed before the course begins.

Sponsored by the: Minnesota Eastern Orthodox Christian Clergy Association (www.meocca.org)

Coordinator: Fr. Perry Kallis (info@stgeorgegoc.org)(651-222-6220)


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Fr. Paul Hodge, President

Fr. Mircea Vasciu, Treasurer

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About Us

What is MEOCCA?
MEOCCA is an association of local Orthodox clergy and Church leaders, which provides a forum for coming together in fellowship and liturgically to symbolize the sacramental and theological unity of the various Orthodox jurisdictions beneath their episcopal divisions.

When does MEOCCA come together liturgically?
The parishes represented by MEOCCA come together regularly in worship, specifically at:
  1. Great Vespers of Orthodoxy Sunday
  2. Sunday Lenten Vespers during Great Lent
What is the purpose of MEOCCA?
MEOCCA meets regularly to:
  1. Foster camaraderie among the Orthodox clergy and leaders representing the different jurisdictions in the greater Twin Cities region through regular business meetings and various fellowship activities.
  2. Discuss ways to encourage effective interaction between the different parishes represented by MEOCCA.
  3. Marshall the resources of the local Orthodox communities for purposes of sponsoring, endorsing, or promoting projects or events for spiritual enrichment and education.
What are the ministries of MEOCCA?
Through the contributions of the Orthodox Faithful in the Twin Cities region, MEOCCA is able to offer financial support to:
  • Winter and Summer Youth Camps
  • Family Camp
  • The local chapter of the International Orthodox Christian Charities
  • The local chapter of FOCUS
To sponsor:
  • A Cooperative Catechism
  • Chapters of Orthodox Christian Fellowship on local university and college campuses
  • Occasional workshops and seminars
And to promote and endorse:
  • Various ecumenical activities
  • Lay initiatives benefiting the spiritual life of the Twin Cities Orthodox community
MEOCCA is always open to any initiative that serves the goal of promoting and manifesting inter-jurisdictional unity among the Orthodox Churches in the Twin Cities region.