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Stewardship is the free-will offering of our time, talent and treasure. Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a way of life, which acknowledges reverence and responsibility before God. Becoming a steward begins when we believe in the Lord, to whom we give our love, loyalty and trust and act on those beliefs. As stewards, we affirm that every aspect of our lives comes as a gift from God. Stewardship calls on the faithful to cheerfully offer back to God a portion of the gifts with which they have been blessed.

For questions regarding stewardship or our stewardship program, please contact our church office.

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2020 Pledge Card

2020 Progress

Through December 30
$239,314 Received of $257,500 Goal

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Our Mission

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church is a Christ-centered Community that:

  • Inspires faith and worship
  • Cultivates spiritual growth and fellowship, and
  • Encourages benevolence and outreach.

Our Vision

"Ascending together to the fullness of Life"

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