Cemetery Plots

Roselawn Cemetery Lots

Advance planning can give you and your family peace of mind and is also cost effective. Annual cost increases are typically at least 2% and have risen over 26% since 2013. The St. George Roselawn Cemetery Program continues to offer lots at Roselawn in Roseville for a 15% discount off list prices. All revenue from lots support our church and its ministries. These lots are in the St. George section, adjacent to the “Greek” section, and easily identifiable by the monument/altar table. Contact the church office for more information.

2024 Discounted Prices for Parishioners:
$$7,182 = Monument Lot (2 Graves)
$$5,095 = Flat Lot (2 Graves)
$2,762 = Flat Lot (1 Grave, Limited Availability)

(These prices reflect a 15% off Roselawn Retail Price)

This continues to be one of those great opportunities where you can support the church, save some money and create a legacy for your family all at the same time.

Lots for both monument and marker (flat) stones are still available.

Please follow Roselawn regulations for care and beautification of your loved one’s lots.

The table-like monument marking our area from Victoria street is visible on google maps and google satellite view at the links below: