Orthodox Christian Spirituality Basics

  1. Belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord, God and Savior with His Father and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Daily prayer- morning, noon, or night; develop a rule.
  3. Weekly worship- Sunday Divine Liturgy is essential.
  4. Love of Neighbor- everyone is your neighbor. Almsgiving- sacrificial giving to needy.
  5. Fasting- weekly- Wed., Fri., Sunday for communion; seasonal.
  6. Sacramental Participation- Confession, Holy Communion, Holy Unction regularly.
  7. Reading of Scripture- daily, lectionary, memorize, study.
  8. Education- catechism, bible study, retreats, seminars. (active learning).
  9. Support the Mission of the Church- stewardship of time, talents, treasure.
  10. Ethical/Moral Praxis & Purity- including thoughts, words, actions. (active living)